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Reverse Buttons DNA200 Devices

At one point or another you may have wanted to reverse the Up / Down buttons on your DNA200 device. For whatever reason you find you want to reverse them the solution is actually quite simple and can be done in seconds using the eScribe software.

Step One – Make sure you have a copy of the eScribe software. Look for the software on that page, there will be a download link for the most recent version.

Step Two – Once you have the eScribe software installed connect your device via USB. The included software driver should recognize your device. Then open up the eScribe software and click “Connect and Download Settings” This should pull down the current theme and device settings from your mod.

Step Three – In the tab area click the “Mod” tab. Click the button at the bottom labeled “Manufacturer Settings.” This will open up a new group of settings for your mod.  Scroll down to the Mechanical section and you will see an option for the Up/Down buttons. Change the drop down to “swapped” and this will reverse your up and down buttons.

Step Four – That’s it! Much easier than you may have thought. Now just click the “Upload Settings to Device” button to flash the update to your device and the changes should take effect.

Make sure to check all your settings especially temp control settings before taking a puff as flashing your device may have changed some settings.

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