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How To Change DNA200 Theme

Changing the theme on a DNA200 device is super easy thanks to the EVOLV eScribe software. This tutorial will also show you how to change the logo / welcome screen images as well.

Step One – First off you will need a theme or logo you want to use, and a copy of the eScribe software. Look for the software on that page, there will be a download link for the most recent version. You can use either a complete theme (.ecigtheme file) or just have the images you wish to use prepared. You can see our collection of full themes and logos here. Installing the eScribe software is pretty simple, just open the .exe file and it will do a quick install.

Step Two – Once you have the eScribe software installed and you have your theme / images connect your device via USB. The included software driver should recognize your device. Then open up the eScribe software and click “Connect and Download Settings” This should pull down the current theme and device settings from your mod.

Step Three – Loading A Complete Theme

Click the Theme tab. You will now see the current theme on your mod and the various images you can change out. If you are using a completed theme file (.ecigtheme) simply click the “Load Theme” button and navigate to your theme file. Once its opens you will see the new images in the theme tab.

Using Custom Logos / Welcome Screens etc.

You can also manually choose an image to use for various screens. If there is an image you want to change click the Load button next to it and select the image you want to use. At any time you can also click the default button next to an image and eScribe will load the default theme image for that screen.

Step Four – Once you have your theme as you want it, it’s time to send it to your device. It’s a good idea to save a copy before in case you want to make changes later (or share it on VapeFirmware!) Just click the save theme button and enter a name.

To send the theme to your device just click the “Upload Settings to Device” button. This will send all your settings and the newly changed theme to your device.

Congrats! That wasn’t so hard was it? Enjoy vaping on your new custom mod! Before you take a puff ensure all of your settings are correct as flashing your firmware can change them or reset defaults.


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