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Change Wismec RX200 Theme

Changing the theme on the Wismec RX200 is pretty simple. While their software is pretty basic and will not allow a simple logo change or theme editing like on the DNA200 or Joyetech devices, changing your theme is as simple as flashing your firmware.

Step One – Head over to the RX200 page and download the flashing tool. There is a Mac and Windows version. Once you download the archive unpack it and run the .exe updater. You will also get various firmware versions included in the download but we will not need any of those for this tutorial.

You should also have a theme file you would like to use ready. The theme should consist of the firmware .bin file, and should be version 3.10 or higher. If you got the theme here on VapeFirmware you are good to go!

Step Two – When you open the updater you will see the Device Name screen that shows the current firmware, hardware version. This is when you want to plug your device in via USB. The screen should then update with your device info.

Now click the “Update” button at the bottom, you will now be prompted to browse for the firmware file you want to use. Select the themed firmware file you got in step one, not the default firmware files that come in the download.

Note! Be sure you are selecting the firmware you want to use! As soon as you click to open the firmware for update the program will flash your device with the new firmware. You will get a popup that says “Firmware Update Complete” and then the program will close. This process should only take a few seconds.

Your device should now be rocking a cool new theme! Keep in mind some themes simply add welcome screens while others customize all aspects of the screen.

As always be sure to check all of your settings especially temp control settings as firmware updates can change these settings. Vape on!

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