Street Cred Football Joyetech Preview

Street Cred Football Joyetech Logos

This Street Cred Football Joyetech Logo pack includes 12 different faces from the game that can be used with the eVic VTC Mini, Cuboid, or the Cuboid Mini. You can use the Joyetech MVR software to quickly and easily change the logo on any of these three devices using these logo images. With the latest version of the Joyetech firmware on these devices, you can easily add these Street Cred Football Joyetech Logos using the software instead of having to load a custom firmware file.

Author: 4RESTER

Firmware And Devices:

  • eVic VTC Mini – Firmware v3.02 or later
  • Joyetech Cuboid – Firmware v3.12 or later
  • Joyetech Cuboid Mini – Firmware V3.02 or later

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